microCGL™ is a work in progress with a goal of developing GUIs that use a graphical programming language to generate code compatible with specific OEM development software in order to facilitate easier programming. As of now, graphical programming capabilities are compatible with the following microcontrollers / boards and corresponding software.

BrandMicrocontroller / BoardSoftware
Microchip PIC®18F452MPLAB®
Microchip PIC®18F45K20MPLAB®
Microchip PIC®16F887MPLAB®

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microCGL™ software is compatible with Microchip Technology Incorporated microcontrollers and software. MPLAB® and PIC® are the registered trademarks of Microchip Technology Incorporated. Microchip is a trademark of Microchip Technology Incorporated in the United States and other countries. This website is not associated with Microchip Technology Incorporated.

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